Why isn't my coupon code working?

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For help with applying a coupon or discount code, please read below.

Coupon conditions

  • Each coupon code is unique and can only be used once until the date specific on the coupon.
  • Discounts will only apply to products listed on the coupon. 
  • Coupons will only apply to orders that meet minimum spend requirements.

Make sure to read any conditions or requirements that are tied to your coupon code. You will find this information in the same place where you receive the coupon.

My coupon isn't working

If your coupon code is not working, check the below:

  • Check that you entered the coupon exactly as it is written (without additional characters, spaces, and using the correct upper or lower case).
  • Check that your coupon is not expired.
  • Check that you are meeting any minimum spend requirements. 
  • Check that you are applying the coupon to the product specified on the coupon.

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