What is the ENSUITE Shower Base & how does it work?

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In this article we dive into the details of the ENSUITE Shower Base, exploring its components, water management system, and benefits it brings to your outdoor shower routine.

The Basics

At its core, the ENSUITE Shower Base is an elevated platform that you stand on as you shower. The water is collected in the base and you have the option of either draining it away from your campsite or recirculating it back into your HOTTAP


The Structural Base and Bamboo Slats

The ENSUITE Shower Base consists of a sturdy, structural base that elevates bamboo slats above the floor surface. The bamboo slats provide a natural and comfortable surface for you to stand on while showering. This elevated surface means that you do not stand on the wet floor, making your shower more hygienic.


Water Management

The ENSUITE Shower Base incorporates a water management system to ensure convenient drainage of water and efficient control over water usage. As you shower, the water passes through the gaps between the bamboo slats and is collected in the PVC catchment material. The PVC catchment material acts as a reservoir below your feet, keeping your shower zone and campsite clean and dry. 


Water Fittings

The built-in, quick-connect water fittings allow you to control what you do with the collected water. You have the option of conveniently funnelling water away from your shower area or recirculating it back into your HOTTAP for reuse.


Funnelling Water Away

If you choose to funnel water away, the water fittings enable you to easily connect a drainage hose to direct the water to the desired location. This is a great solution for managing grey water when camping.


Recirculating Water

For those looking to conserve water, the water fittings allow you to recirculate the water back into your HOTTAP. This is a great way to minimise how much water you need to carry to have a shower.



Note: The filter should be completely submerged for the pump to recirculate water successfully. If you find that 5L is not enough, it's a good idea to add more water to make sure the filter is completely submerged.

Benefits of the ENSUITE Shower Base

  • More Comfortable Showering: The bamboo slats provide a natural and comfortable showering surface.
  • Better Hygiene: By keeping your feet off the floor surface and out of the water, you can keep every part of yourself clean.
  • Improved Water Management: The PVC catchment and quick-connect water fittings make it easy to control what you do with your water.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: Keep your soaps and shampoos out of the ground by funnelling grey water to a designated disposal spot. 
  • Water Conservation: Recirculate water back into your HOTTAP when you are on a water budget.

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