How do I funnel grey water away from the ENSUITE Shower Base?

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Learn how to funnel grey water away from your ENSUITE Shower Base.

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Connect the hose to the ENSUITE Shower Base

You only need to use one of the water fittings to drain your grey water. So, install the water blocker to one of the fittings, and then attach your drainage hose to the other fitting.


Set the drainage hose downhill

If you want to use gravity to funnel your grey water, you will need to set your drainage hose downhill of the ENSUITE Shower Base.


If this isn't possible, you may need to connect a pump to your drainage hose to assist with draining.

Connect a pump to drain uphill or further away

If you need to funnel water uphill of the ENSUITE Shower Base, introduce a pump into the drainage hose. Most pumps are better at "pushing" water, so you will set up your pump near the ENSUITE Shower Base, and let it push the water uphill to the drainage area. 


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