What water connections does the ENSUITE Shower Base have?

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Learn about what water fittings the ENSUITE Shower Base has, what they are used for, and other water fitting FAQs.

Water Connections

The ENSUITE Shower Base has two identical water fittings, as shown below.


They consist of a right-angled fitting inside the ENSUITE Shower Base, which is angled into the base and is used to draw in water. This fitting then connects to another right-angled fitting located outside of the ENSUITE Shower Base. 


The fitting outside of the ENSUITE Shower Base is a standard quick-connect fitting, which works with all of your Joolca hoses, as well as standard garden hoses. This fitting (both of them) comes with a water blocker, which you can leave on to stop the flow of water, or remove, to allow the flow of water.

The above picture shows one fitting with the water blocker installed (left-hand-side), while the other fitting has a hose attached (right-hand-side).

How to use the connections

The water fittings have two primary uses:

  1. To funnel water away from your shower area. To do this, attach a hose to the water fitting outside of the ENSUITE Shower Base, and place the other end of the hose at the desired grey water disposal area.
  2. To re-circulate water back into your HOTTAP. To do this, attach a filter to the inside of the ENSUITE Shower Base, and then attach a hose to the fitting outside of the ENSUITE Shower Base - running this hose into the "Water Inlet" of your HOTTAP. 


Why are there two fittings?

To help make the ENSUITE Shower Base more suitable to your set up. You might find that the location/orientation of one fitting is more favourable than the other.

Do I need to use both water fittings at one time?

No, you don't. You can either use one water fitting, both fittings, or none of the water fittings. This is totally dependant on what you want to do when you shower. For example:

  • Do you want to collect all of the water and not funnel it away? Attach the water blockers to both fittings so that they don't allow water through. 
  • Do you want to funnel water away from the ENSUITE Shower Base? Block one of the water fittings, and attach a hose to the other. 
  • Do you want faster drainage? Attach hoses to both water fittings. 

I want to make my own water hose to connect to the ENSUITE Shower Base. Which fittings do I need to buy?

The ENSUITE Shower Base comes with the male part of the quick-connect fitting, and you will need to install the female part on your water hose.

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