How to repair holes or tears in your ENSUITE Tent?

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Learn how to repair any holes or tears in your ENSUITE Single, Double, or Triple Tent and Awning Kits using the repair patch.

  1. Clean the area around the tear. Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris from the site around the tear.
  2. Dry the area around the tear. Use a hair dryer or a fan to dry the area around the tear completely.
  3. Cut the repair patch to size. The repair patch should be slightly larger than the tear.
  4. Peel off the backing from the repair patch.
  5. Stick the repair patch to the tent. Ensure that the repair patch is smooth and no bubbles are under it.
  6. Press down on the repair patch to ensure it adheres to the tent.
  7. Let the repair patch dry completely. This may take several hours.

Additional Tips

  • If the tear is large, you may need more than one repair patch.
  • If the tear is in a part where the fabric folds/rolls up, you may want to reinforce it with another patch on the other side.

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