How to replace the frame or fabric of your ENSUITE Tent?

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Learn how to remove and replace the frame or fabric of your ENSUITE Tent.

This guide shows the ENSUITE Double Tent as an example, but the same process applies to any of the freestanding tents. 


To separate the frame from the fabric, follow these steps:

1. Unclip the fabric from the poles.

2. Click the small button that locks them in place at the middle section of the frame.

3. Pull the upper poles downwards on all sides to shorten the frame.

4. Untie the top part of the fabric from the frame.

5. Unclip the fabric by twisting the plastic tabs so that the holes align with the foot.


To put back the frame and fabric together, follow these steps:

1. Connect the frame by clipping the fabric on the tent feet

2. Tie the tent's fabric on the pole hub

3. Extend the frame by pulling on the standing poles.

Look for a 'click' to ensure the frame is locked.

4. Clip the front small pole in the front of the fabric to ensure the door is properly standing up.

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