Replacing your Mounted Tent cover

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Below are the steps to replace your mounted tent cover. 


Items Needed

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Wrench
  3. Allen Key set

Steps to add cover

Note: Make sure you note down each screw and washer location.

  1. Remove the Mounted Tent from your vehicle
  2. Unclip the roof portion of your Mounted Tent fabric and take it offtent replace1.png
  3. Removing the verticle bolt(s) holding the arms in placeRemove bolts 2.png
    1. Your Mounted tent should look like this:20230628_152042.jpg
  4. Remove both the arm brackets by unscrewing the x2 Allen Key bolts.arm brackets 3.png
  5. Unscrew all of the screws on the remaining on the backplate and remove the metal panel and roof attachment.
  6. Remove the cover and replace it with the new cover

Steps to reassemble

  1. With the new cover now on, lay the roof attachment in place and place the arm brackets over the roof attachment, making sure the holes align.
  2. Screw in and secure the arm brackets and roof attachment using the x2 Allen Key bolts with their washers on each of the arm brackets.
  3. Lay the metal panel in place over the roof attachment and screw in the screws, creating the holes through the new cover.
  4. Attach the folding arms into the arm brackets and secure them with the large bolt and washers.
  5. Re-clip on the roof portion
  6. Install your Mounted Tent back onto your vehicle. 

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