HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter Overview

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This section covers how the HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter works, what's included in the box, and specifications.

How the HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter works

The HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter is an alternative solution to power your HOTTAP via a 12v 2.1mm DC Jack rather than using x2 D Cell batteries.

The HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter inserts into the HOTTAP's Battery Box (replacing the D Cell Battery compartment) and is secured with x2 screws (see Installation Guide). Power is fed through a 2.1mm DC Jack to power the HOTTAP.


Benefits of the HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter

  • Unlimited Power: Power your HOTTAP with any 12V power source and remove the risk of battery failure.
  • 100% Reliable Ignition: Taking flat batteries out of the equation makes sure that your HOTTAP turns on and ignites every time, giving you more reliability.
  • Environmentally Conscious: No more need to change batteries every ~6 months. Move away from using D-cell batteries and reduce waste!

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What's in the box?

x1 HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter


Input:  2.1mm DC Jack

Power Draw: 0.05W

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