How to power the HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter?

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This article will provide you with options to power your HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter!

The HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter has a 12V 2.1mm DC jack to power in. Simply press the button to turn it on and off!


Using the Joolca Power Bank

Use the DC to DC cable, included with the Joolca Power Bank, and plug the Power Bank directly into the HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter. You can also purchase the 12V Power Splitter to use the Joolca Power Bank to power both your HOTTAP and your Joolca Pump.


Using a wall socket

You can power the HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter with your home wall socket by using the Joolca 12V Power Supply.


Using other power options

Other options like portable batteries can also be used. Just make sure that you have the right connection, as you'll need a 2.1mm DC connection to plug into the HOTTAP 12V Power Adapter.

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