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This guide provides instructions for replacing the HOTTAP's temperature sensor to increase the cut-off from 50°C (122F) to 60°C (140F). This modification resolves issues with the HOTTAP cutting out at 50°C (122F), such as when recirculating water, using a hot tub, or needing hotter shower temperatures.


If you haven't already, please check out My HOTTAP keeps turning off when using with the HOTTUB before proceeding with this guide.

What You'll Need


  1. Remove the HOTTAP's front panel.
  2. Locate and remove the existing temperature sensor.
  3. Replace it with the new temperature sensor.
  4. Reattach the front panel.


Removing the HOTTAP v2 Front Panel

  1. Remove the blue and red knobs by firmly grasping each knob and pulling it off the HOTTAP. They will come off with a steady pull.
  2. Remove the black screws from the left and right sides of the HOTTAP using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  3. Remove the silver screw from the bottom of the HOTTAP.
  4. Lift the front panel off the HOTTAP's base. It will still be connected via a wiring harness attached to the LED screen. Unclip it at the black connector. The front panel should now be off.

Locating and Removing the Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is located on the water outlet pipe, behind the microswitch. It is connected by two screws and two clips.

Note: The temperature sensory is finicky to get to, as there isn't much room to work with. You can also remove the two black rubber connectors by pulling them off the temperature sensor and piezo igniter and moving them to the side.



Temp Sensor Screws.png

  1. Unscrew the two screws
  2. Pull the temperature sensor out
  3. Remove the two clips with pliers

Note: Your HOTTAP will work if the temperature sensor is removed from the copper outlet pipe (with wires attached), however, there will be no safety cut-off as the temperature sensor wont be able to read temperature correctly (as it is not connected to the copper outlet pipe).
We do not recommend using the HOTTAP until you install the new temperature sensor.

Installing the new Temperature Sensor

  1. Get your new temperature sensor and attach the two clips to it
  2. Position the new sensor where the old one was, align the screw-in points, and screw it in.
    • Note: This step can be finicky and may require some patience.

Reattaching the Front Panel

(Optional) if you removed the two rubber connectors: Connect them back onto the metal prongs; the one with the blue band connected to the right prong and the other connected to the left prong.

  1. Reattach the LED monitor clip
  2. Position the front panel back onto the HOTTAP base
    1. Make sure the back fins are aligned
    2. Make sure the side fins are aligned
  3. Screw in all three screws (two on the sides and one at the bottom)
  4. Attach the red/blue gas and water dials

Final Steps

Your HOTTAP now has a new temperature cut-off at 60°C (140°F).

Note: After this modification, when the HOTTAP reaches past 50°C (122°F), the "overheating" LED warning will flash. This is just a warning and does not cause any issues. It can be safely ignored.

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