Joolca pump is not working

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Learn how to troubleshoot your pump if it is not turning on, turns on but doesn't pump water through, or pumps water but only provides low water flow. 

Before proceeding, review the Joolca pump setup guide to ensure everything is set up correctly.

The pump is not turning on at all

If your pump is not turning on, check if the red light on the power cable is also lit up to confirm it's working correctly. If you're getting power to the cable, but the pump is still not turning on, it could mean the pump is defective and needs replacing. 

In either case, please Contact Us to arrange a warranty claim. Include a short video of the issue and any additional information to help us understand what happened.

The pump is turning on but doesn't pump water

If the pump is turning on and making a sound but doesn't draw water from your water source, it could be caused by a few things: 

  • Loose quick-connects: Check that your hose connections to the pump are securely locked. You should hear a 'click' sound when you push the hoses onto the pump. They might need a bit of force, so don't be shy about pushing the hoses on.​

  • Inlet hose too long: If the inlet or suction hose is more than 2m long (6.6ft), the pump will have difficulty self-priming. The pump works best when pushing water through, so if you use a longer hose in your setup, it should be placed between the HOTTAP unit and the pump. 

  • Air Leaks: Ensure all hose fittings (dark grey fittings on hoses) are tightened and connected correctly. If the pump is trying to suction water from a source, if there are any air leaks in the system, it won't be able to prime (clear the air from the lines). 

  • Manual Priming: Your pump may need manual priming to get it started. Here are the steps to manually prime your pump: 

    • Take off the blue hoses from the pump
    • Submerge about half of the black fitting (suction side) into a bucket of water. (IMPORTANT - don't submerge the actual pump, just the inlet fitting).
    • Turn the pump "on."
      Your pump will self-prime, and water should come out of the outlet side as soon as you turn on your pump. You can now connect up the hoses and use your pump.

The pump's water flow is weak

If the pump still draws water from your water source, but the water flow is weak, it could be caused by a few things: 

  • Low Power: If your power source power is low, it can affect the voltage supplied to the pump, thus making the pump "weaker." Ensure your battery is charged to 100%, then try again.

If you are running from your car's cigarette socket adapter, try turning the car on. Some vehicles have safety mechanisms that turn off power to accessories when the car is off to stop battery drain. If you're running from a portable battery, please make sure it's adequately charged and capable of outputting at least 12V at 6amps. 

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