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Learn how the Joolca pump filter works, how to clean the filter, different types of filters that can be used and other FAQs! 

How does the pump filter work?

The pump filter uses a two-stage suction filter with a stainless steel mesh screen, which sifts out particles like sand, silt, and other debris.

How to clean the filter? 

The pump filter can get clogged by debris through prolonged use, especially if you're pumping water from an off-grid source (creek, river, lake, etc.). To maintain the filter's efficiency, disassemble and rinse the filter thoroughly to remove trapped particles every few weeks.

What other types of filters can be used?

The pump filter is designed to work optimally with the Joolca pump, but you can also explore different suction filters available in the market. Just ensure it has a 1/2" sized fitting for the quick-connect hoses.


Q: Does the pump filter purify the water? 

A: It does not! The filter only sifts out fine debris from your water source.


Q: Is the water filtered safe for drinking?

A: The filter and hoses are not food-grade, so we do not recommend using it for drinking. 


Q: Can you use an inline filter to purify the water?

A: Yes! Just ensure the filter is placed before the showerhead so the water flow doesn't drop before it reaches the HOTTAP. 


Q: What is the diameter of the filter collar?
A: The filter collar diameter is 8.9cm/3.54 inches.


Q: What is the diameter of the end filter without the collar?
A: The end filter diameter is approximately 3.4 cm/1.34 inches, this is also designed to fit through a jerry can or a camper tank opening.



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