Mounting your ENSUITE Mounted Double tent

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Learn how to mount your ENSUITE Mounted Double tent to your crossbar or roof rack system by following these easy steps.

What you'll need:

  • Tent frame
  • 3x L-brackets
  • Wrench

Attaching the ENSUITE Mounted Double frame to the L-bracket

  1.  Pick one L-Bracket and unscrew the M6 bolts from the short edge. Slide the M6 bolts on the top channel at the back of the tent frame. Pick the other M6 bolt and slide it to the bottom channel. Make sure that both bolts are aligned.

  2. Get one L-bracket and attach it to the frame. Insert the washer and the locknut and tighten them securely with a wrench.

  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for the second and third L-bracket. Position the second bracket in the middle for added stability.

  4. Once both L-brackets are installed, you can unscrew the M8 bolts (long edge) and attach them to your crossbar or roof rack system, as shown below, and you're done!

L-brackets specifications:

If you have your own system, you may need to do a bit of customisation. Please note that the Mounted Double's back panel is 193cm long, with 51 mm track spacing for the bolts.

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