Setting up your ENSUITE Mounted Double Tent for First Time Use

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Learn how to set up your ENSUITE Mounted Double tent, adjust the height, install the shower hose and peg down.

Once you are done mounting the tent. You can unfold the tent following these steps:

    1. Unzip the bag and flip the cover over the top. Undo the Velcro straps holding the shower and the dry room in place and let them roll down.

      Opening the arms

    2. Pins secure the tent arms. Pull the right pin in the middle to release the dry room's arm. Extend it until you hear it clicks, locking it into place.

    3. Pull the left pin in the middle to extend the other arm until it clicks. Finally, pull the middle arm and extend it until it clicks.

    4. Next, unclip the outside wall from the right side of the dry room and extend it backwards. This serves as a back wall. Clip it into the zipper and zip it down.

    5. Extend the front wall, clip it into the zipper and zip it down.

      Adjust the height

    6. If the tent is too low or high to the ground, adjust the height by following these steps.

      Attaching the laundry bag

    7. Attach the laundry bag inside and clip all four sides using the clip sewn into the tent.

    8. Install the shower hose and shower head.
    9. Feed the longer red hose from the tent's bottom opening outside and clip it inside to install it. Once done, you can install the shower handle, the shorter red hose, and the shower head.

    10. Pull out the swivel handle up top and attach the shower head.

    11. Roll out the roof and secure it in place by aligning the Velco from the side of the tent fabric and on top of the left and right frames. You can extend the roof up to the front and secure it with Velcro for complete privacy!

      Peg it down

    12. In windy situations, you can use the pegs we've included and pin all four sides to the ground for added stability.

      If that's not enough, you can also use some structural poles and attach them to the tent's side using the Velcros.

In addition, you have the option to order our ENSUITE Shower Base and securely fasten your tent walls onto it. It's basically a plumbed floor that makes recirculation and greywater collection easy!

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