How to pack your ENSUITE Mounted Double Tent

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Learn how to dry and pack your Mounted Single tent away. 

Drying your ENSUITE Mounted Double tent

Before you start, ensure the tent is completely dry before packing up. You can wipe the tent walls with a soft cloth after use and let it air dry. This prevents mould build-up and unpleasant smells from developing. You can keep the laundry bag inside and ready for your next use!

Packing your ENSUITE Mounted Double tent

  1. Start by rolling the dry room's roof all the way back into the tent frame.

  2. Unzip the middle zipper attached to the dry room's front wall from the shower tent, tuck it in and clip it into place.

  3. Unzip the back wall and clip it back to the side.

  4. For the shower room, roll the roof all the way back to the frame.

  5. Start collapsing each arm by pulling the pins and tucking them back in until you hear them click into place.

  6. Gather the tent fabric and begin rolling it up. Keep going until you reach the top. Make sure that the tent is relatively tight. Get the Velco straps and run them through the loops.

  7. Bring the bag cover back, zip it up, and you are done!

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