GottaGo Toilet Cleaning and Care

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Here’s a guide to learn how to clean and store your Joolca GottaGo toilet.

Cleaning the toilet bowl

  1. Spray the toilet bowl with a cleaning solution
  2. Use some toilet paper/degradable toilet wet wipe to wipe the bowl clean.
  3. Use the included Po(o)ker stick so you don't have to get up close with the uh, waste... Just wrap the tip with some toilet paper, scrub, and then poke the toilet paper into the waste container.

Easy as that.

Cleaning gif.gif

Cleaning the containers/cassettes

To clean, use warm water and mild detergent to rinse and clean the container/cassette thoroughly. Allow to dry before putting it back into your GottaGo.

General Care

We recommend cleaning out the cassettes/compartments after each trip. This prevents the buildup and odour, keeping your GottaGo fresh for its next use. To best look after your GottaGo, store it in a dry area.

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