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What is the Eco Cassette?

The Eco Cassette is the eco-friendly variant of the solids cassette for the Joolca GottaGo toilet.

Designed for both bagging and composting methods, it offers a more sustainable approach to outdoor sanitation. For bagging, line the Eco Cassette with a compostable bag for easy disposal. For composting, add a scoop of sawdust, peat moss, or your preferred substrate before use.

The bagging method simplifies solid waste disposal and features an innovative sealing system to prevent exposure to waste.

This option is perfect for those seeking a quick, easy setup or a greener solution.

  • Airtight 9.4L (2.5gal) Eco Cassette
  • Lasts approx < 14 days/person

If you'd like to read up on the Chemical Cassette variant, click here to learn about the Chemical Cassette.


The Eco Cassette can be used in two different ways, and those are Bagging or Composting. 

For Bagging

  1. Remove the lid and the liner frame.
  2. Line a compostable bag into the Cassette (we recommend medium to large-sized portable toilet compostable bags). 
  3. Place the liner frame back into the lid over the bag.
  4. Put the lid back onto the Cassette and clip it securely with the side clasps.

For Compost

  1. Remove the lid and liner frame
  2. Add a layer of composting substrate (like sawdust or peat moss) into the cassette.
    1. (Optional) Line the Eco Cassette with a compostable bag first (as above)
  3. Put the lid back onto the Cassette and clip it securely with the side clasps

You can also layer on composting substrate every time you "go." This helps absorb liquids and helps with smell.

For our full setup guide, check out: GottaGo toilet Getting Started Guide.

Waste Disposal

The bag setup is the easiest, letting you dispose of solids in any designated waste bin or compost pile - and the GottaGo comes with an ingenious bag-closing system, so you won’t even have to see the contents of the bag as you tie it off and dispose of it.


  • Bin using your regular home bin - make sure to check your local regulation guidelines to see if binning human waste is allowed where you are
  • Find a designated dump point near you
  • Build a compost pile (use composting bags to make this easier)


  • Dispose of the solids on your composting heap (or compost heap where humanure is accepted).

Empty Bag.gif

Cleaning & Care

To clean the Eco Cassette, we recommend using warm water and mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry before putting it back into your GottaGo.

We recommend cleaning out the cassettes after each trip. This prevents any potential buildup and nasty smells, keeping your cassette fresh for its next use! To best look after your GottaGo, store it in a dry area.

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