GottaGo Toilet Waste Disposal Guide

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Managing waste properly is important for an enjoyable and environmentally responsible outdoor experience. Learn how to dispose of waste with your Joolca GottaGo toilet!

For Liquids (Urine)

  • Public Bathrooms: You can use public restrooms when available to dispose of liquid (urine).
  • Disposal stations: These are equipped to handle liquid waste disposal and are a practical option.
  • Disposal outside where allowed: Be thoughtful and respectful of others when pouring a pee bottle outside, for example: empty in places that aren’t used a lot by people, not on private property, etc.
  • Garden: Urine, because of its nitrogen content, is a great fertiliser for trees. When diluted, also for other plants. Dilute the urine (approx. 1:10) and fertilise other plants with it, of course not directly edible ones...
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For Solids


The bag setup is the easiest, letting you dispose of solids in any designated waste bin—and GottaGo comes with an ingenious bag-closing system, so you won’t even have to see the contents of the bag as you tie it off and dispose of it.


To dispose of bagged solids, bin them at a designated disposal site. You can reach out to your local waste management or sanitation department. They can provide information on designated disposal sites, guidelines, and any specific requirements.

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Dispose of the solids on your composting heap (or compost heap where humanure is accepted).
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Chemical waste

The chemical setup requires that you find a designated dump point. These can be found at major campsites, caravan parks and some service stations, but you may have to travel to find one if you’re camping in national parks or other wilderness areas.
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