Choosing the GottaGo toilet for your Adventures: Bag, Compost, or Chemical?

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This article is here to help show the differences between the Eco Cassette and Chemical Cassette so that you can decide which one is most suited for your outdoor escapades.
At checkout, you'll get the choice to pick a solids cassette/container; the Eco Cassette or the Chemical Cassette. Both methods separate liquids and solids, making it easy to dispose of waste, extending the time between disposals, and reducing odour!
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Eco Cassette

If ease is at the top of your list, consider the Bagging option. Line the cassette with a biodegradable bag, and you're set! This method simplifies the disposal of solids and also uses an innovative sealing system to spare you from ever seeing waste. When you're done, you can dispose of the solid waste in a suitable bin, dump points, or onto a composting heap.
For composting, add a scoop of sawdust, coco-coir, peat moss, or your preferred substrate and do your business. Dispose of onto a composting heap that accepts human waste.
Airtight 9.4L (2.5 gal) solids tank lasts <14 days/per person.
Airtight 4.6L (1.2 gal) urine tank: 4-6 days/per person.

Chemical Cassette

If you prioritise convenience, extended use and have access to dump points, the Chemical Cassette might be the right pick for you. Chemical treatments mix with waste to break it down and neutralize odours, making this option ideal for areas where proper disposal facilities are accessible. 

Note: We recommend 3L of water to 100ml of chemical solution (this may be different depending on your toilet chemical solution).

Airtight 11L (2.9 gal)  solids tank lasts <21 days/per person. 
Airtight 4.6L (1.2 gal) urine tank: 4-6 days/per person.

Making Your Choice

Deciding between the Eco or Chemical Cassette boils down to personal preference, environmental considerations, and your adventure's logistics.

We do sell both cassettes separately, so if you do want to have both or carry an extra, you can grab them later!

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