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What is the Chemical Cassette?

The Chemical Cassette is the chemical variant of the solids cassette for the Joolca GottaGo toilet.

It uses a chemical solution to break down solid waste into a slurry and neutralize odours, making it a popular choice for outdoor settings where traditional sewage systems aren't available. This option is ideal for extended use without frequent disposal, provided you have access to a local dump point.

  • Airtight 11L Chemical Cassette
  • Lasts approx < 21 days/person
  • The solids indicator works to show filled capacity with the Chemical Cassette 

If you'd like to read up on the Eco Cassette variant, click here to learn about the Eco Cassette.


Add 3L water & 100ml of the chemical mixture into the Chemical Cassette. We find this is a good amount to break down the solids into a "slurry" for easy emptying in most situations.
We recommend giving the Chemical Cassette a shake every few days to agitate the contents and encourage the solids to break down.
Note: The amount of water/chemical mixture may vary depending on the type of toilet chemical.

For our full setup guide, check out: GottaGo toilet Getting Started Guide.

Waste Disposal

Disposal of chemical waste is usually done at designated dump points. These generally can be found at major campsites, caravan parks and some service stations. You can search for human waste dump points near you to find one.

Alternatively, you can empty the chemical waste into your toilet.

To Empty:

  1. Swivel out the nozzle and unscrew the cap.
  2. Flick the dial switch to "VENT."
  3. Carefully tip the chemical waste out.

Empty Chem.gif

Cleaning & Care

To clean the Chemical Cassette, we recommend using warm water and mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry before putting it back into your GottaGo.

Note: The Chemical Cassette's lid does not open, so adding water and detergent should be done through the solids opening compartment


We recommend cleaning out the cassettes after each trip. This prevents any potential buildup and nasty smells, keeping your cassette fresh for its next use! To best look after your GottaGo, store it in a dry area.

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