Record a video of your HOTTAP for troubleshooting

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Step 1: Confirming your setup

The HOTTAP can be used in many ways and with many accessories. The easiest way for us to work through possible issues is by having your HOTTAP setup using the included accessories. After we confirm your HOTTAP works, we can then plug and play with your other bits and bobs.

Please set up your HOTTAP like this:

  1. Insert two D cell batteries into the battery box.

  2. Connect your HOTTAP to a gas bottle using the included gas hose. Turn the gas bottle on.

  3. Connect the included (red) shower hose and shower head to the (red) "Water Outlet" at the bottom of the HOTTAP.

  4. Connect your HOTTAP to a garden tap at home. If you only have access to a pump, please make sure the power supply for the pump is fully charged. Turn the tap or pump on.

Step 2: What to record

Now that your HOTTAP is set up using the included accessories it is time to take a video. We want to pretend we are right beside you. Record a 1–2 minute video including the following:

Record your setup

With the HOTTAP turned off, record from your garden tap to the bottom of the HOTTAP (so we can see how everything is connected). Take a step back and record the surroundings (so we can see if your HOTTAP is in a stand or is mounted).

If using a Joolca pump, please also record the power supply and charge level, your water supply, and if your power cable lights up.

Record the issue

Record the HOTTAP as you flick open the shower head and the issue occurs (e.g., the HOTTAP doesn't turn on or the HOTTAP doesn't get hot enough). Turn the HOTTAP off and then on again. Do this a few times while recording the HOTTAP and the LED Monitor.

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