The water is too cold (I want hotter water)

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Learn how to get the hottest temperature water out of your HOTTAP. 

Why doesn't my HOTTAP reach 50°C (122°F) 

Your HOTTAP can heat incoming water by up to 35°C (95°F), up to a max. temp. of 50°C (122°F).

This means that in winter (or with a cold water supply) your HOTTAP may only reach 35-45°C (95-113°F).

With the Water Dial on LOW and Gas Dial on HIGH, and:

  • With 0°C (32°F) water coming into your HOTTAP, you will have ~35°C (95°F) coming out.
  • With 10°C (50°F) water coming into your HOTTAP, you will have ~45°C (113°F) coming out.

Your HOTTAP is a portable water heater and will not reach the same water flow or temperature as a domestic water heater (e.g., your home shower).


Click here for a video on the troubleshooting steps. We've also got the steps below:

To get the highest temperature increase

To heat up your water by 35°C (95°F):

  1. Adjust the Water Dial to LOW. 
  2. Adjust the Gad Dial to HIGH. 


Re-circulating water

If you want hotter water coming out of your HOTTAP, or you want to have hot water at a higher flow, you can re-circulate your water. 

Note that you will need a pump to re-circulate your water.

  1. Fill a container with water.
  2. Place your pump's input hose into the container. 
  3. Connect the pump's outlet hose into the HOTTAP. 
  4. Place the HOTTAP shower head into the container. 
  5. Run the HOTTAP until you reach your desired temperature. 
  6. Remove the HOTTAP shower hose from the container and use as normal.

You can also use the Shower Base to recirculate the water. You can read more about it here.

Further adjusting the water flow rate

You can also adjust the flow rate of your HOTTAP internally, restricting water flow on the "low" flow setting, which will give you warmer temperatures. 

  1. Looking at the bottom of your HOTTAP, identify the internal screw adjustment location as shown below. Adjust the LEFT side screw clockwise by one full turn.
  2. Test your HOTTAPs temperature output on "low" flow. If you'd like it warmer, repeat step 1. If it's too warm, you can screw counter-clockwise. 


Note: If your HOTTAP does not have the cut-out at the bottom, you will need to take off the front panel of your HOTTAP to reach the screw. Reach out to our support team and they'll send over the instructions! 


Other troubleshooting

To make sure your HOTTAP is efficiently heating water, perform the troubleshooting steps below (These steps will also help if you're only reaching a temp lower than 49C/120F constantly):

  • Disconnect your gas hose from your HOTTAP and look inside the Gas Inlet valve (on the HOTTAP). Remove any gunk (or bugs) that might be blocking the flow of gas.
  • Video coming soon ⚠️

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