The water is too hot (I want cooler water)

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Learn how to get the coolest temperature water out of your HOTTAP. 

Why is my HOTTAP water so hot

Your HOTTAP will heat incoming water by a minimum of 20°C (68°F).

This means that in summer, when your water supply is already warm, your HOTTAP will produce very hot water.

With the Water Dial on HIGH and Gas Dial on LOW, and:

  • With 20°C (68°F) water coming into your HOTTAP, you will have 40°C (104°F) coming out.
  • With 30°C (86°F) water coming into your HOTTAP, you will have 50°C (122°F) coming out.

Your HOTTAP will turn off at 50°C (122°F) to prevent scalding.

To get the lowest temperature increase

Click here for a video on the troubleshooting steps. We've also got the steps below:

To heat up your water by 20°C (68°F):

  1. Adjust the Water Dial to HIGH. 
  2. Adjust the Gas Dial to LOW. 


Use HOTTAP without heat

If your HOTTAP is still over-heating after adjusting your Water and Gas Dials, or you want cooler water, you can disconnect the batteries and gas from your HOTTAP. 

  1. Remove the batteries from your HOTTAP. 
  2. Turn off your gas bottle.
  3. Disconnect the gas hose from the HOTTAP. 
  4. Use HOTTAP as normal. 

Your HOTTAP will still operate like a shower (turn the shower head on and off when using) - the only difference is that your water won't heat up.

Other troubleshooting

If your HOTTAP continues to overheat your water, try these steps:

  • Use a cooler water source. If the water coming into your HOTTAP is already very warm, it will only get hotter. 
  • Stop recirculating water. If you are trying to conserve water, and are re-using water between showers, you may need to wait for the water to cool down before showering again.
  • If you have been using the HOTTAP for a while now, check for anything blocking (or slowing down) your water flow, as this will cause your water to constantly overheat. Steps below:
    • Review the Joolca pump setup guide to make sure everything is set up correctly.


      1. Remove the red lugs.
      2. Charge the pump power supply to 100%.
      3. Clean out the filter.
      4. Tighten all water fittings.
      5. Clip water fittings on fully.
      6. Use a 2m hose for the inlet (max length).
      7. Use a 2m hose for the outlet.

      For further troubleshooting, please follow these steps.

    • Make sure that you're suing a compatible pump that is plugged directly into the HOTTAP:

      • Your pump needs a water flow between 6-12 litres/min 
      • Your pump needs a water pressure between 40-60 PSI
      • Plug your pump directly into the HOTTAP (i.e., don't have any other appliances running off your pump)

      Read more here

      Next, perform these steps:  

      1. Charge the pump power supply to 100%.
      2. Clean out the filter.
      3. Tighten all water fittings.
      4. Clip water fittings on fully.

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