How does the display screen work?

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Learn more about how to use HOTTAP's display monitor, how it works and what each icon means. 

The HOTTAP v2 features a display screen that automatically diagnoses the reason why your HOTTAP may not turn on or flame out. When this happens, one of the icons will light up.


Alternatively, with water flowing through the HOTTAP, you can press and HOLD the blue "JOOLCA" button on the display screen until an icon lights up.

Low Battery?

Replace the 2x D-Cell batteries with a fresh set.


No Water Flow?

Check the Water Supply following the steps found under "My HOTTAP is not doing anything"


Flame Not Lit?

Check for Gas Supply following the steps under "My HOTTAP is clicking" or

Check if Wind is causing the "HOTTAP to ignite but turn off randomly"


Overheating safety cutout?

Check if the safety cutoff temperature of 50°C (122°F) is causing the "HOTTAP to ignite but turns off randomly"


Still won't work

If your HOTTAP does not work after completing the above steps, please follow this guide and record a video of your HOTTAP and upload it here


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