My shower head won't turn off

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If your shower head won't turn off, keeps dripping or leaking water, or water keeps flowing even in the "off" position, follow these steps to resolve the issue. 

Shower head won't turn off

The shower handle only works in one direction of water flow. Meaning, if you attach the shower head to the wrong end of the shower handle, you won't be able to turn off your water.

To attach the shower head to the correct end of the shower handle:

  1. Locate the arrow on the shower handle. 
  2. Attach the shower head at the tip of the arrow.


Here is a video breakdown of the issue, and how to resolve it:

Water keeps dripping out of the shower head

After you turn off your shower handle, the shower head has a build-up of water inside of it. This water will "leak" out of the shower head.


To clarify, this does not mean that water is flowing through your shower head. This is just a build-up of water, and you are not wasting any water.

When there is no more water, your shower head will stop leaking. You can normally shake it out for a few seconds and the leaking will stop.

Here is a video breakdown of the how this looks:

Still won't work

If your shower head does not work after completing the above steps, please follow this guide and record a video of your HOTTAP and upload it here

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